CUDOS May Recap: A Month of Innovations and Milestones

CUDOS May Recap: A Month of Innovations and Milestones


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Kicking Off May with Insights and Partnership.

The month started with a bang as CudoPete took the stage at the Mansion House Summit Series to discuss DePIN and the sharing economy alongside leaders from Minima_Global, WorldMobileTeam, and KoiiFoundation. The panel delved into the potential of decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN) to revolutionize various sectors.

CUDOS announced an exciting partnership with InferixGPU! This collaboration is a significant step toward more sustainable computing across industries, with CUDOS powering Inferix rendering workers and soon, their AI inference workers.

CUDOS Cast returned with an engaging episode featuring CudoPete chatting with andrey_cheptsov from dstackai about reshaping CloudComputing with AI. This episode highlighted how CUDOS collaborative cloud solutions improve efficiency and provide users with greater flexibility. Watch the full episode here


The panel at Mansion House discussed a better future with more sustainable decentralized infrastructure.

Watch the full discussion here

At the ExploringAI: Crypto Meets AI event in London, Emma_Mkr kicked off the keynotes with a discussion on how Web3 Cloud Computing is empowering AI. This event was a great platform for sharing insights on the intersection of AI and blockchain technologies.

CUDOS hosted #221 Thursday’s Coffee with CUDOS on 𝕏 Spaces, discussing the latest updates, the revival of CUDOS Cast, and highlights from CudoPete's participation at the TheDigitalCom_X event.


CUDOS published an insightful article exploring how they are revolutionizing #cloudcomputing with full virtualization. The article dives into their approach to VM customization and a transparent pricing model that offers flexibility and efficiency. Read the full breakdown here

At CryptoMondaysUK, CudoPete joined OVioHQ, MetaMask, and Minima_Global for an insightful panel discussion around DePIN and RWA, furthering the conversation on decentralized infrastructure and real-world assets.

The team kept busy attending various Web3, AI, and DePIN-related events in London. Emma_Mkr delivered a keynote at BananaSZN_ on centralized vs. decentralized cloud computing and participated in a DePIN panel organized by ThinkRiseGlobal and The W3B Club.

CUDOS also announced a new partnership with SecretNetwork to enhance Decentralized Confidential Computing (DeCC). This collaboration allows users to set up no-KYC VMs with enhanced privacy and pay using $SCRT. [Learn more about this partnership here


CUDOS kicked off its second 5-week community contest, offering participants the chance to highlight their favorite projects and win a share of a $1,000 prize pool.

In another session of Coffee with #CUDOS #222 on 𝕏 Spaces, CudoPete and the SecretNetwork team discussed their new partnership, providing deeper insights into their collaborative efforts.

An AMA session on CUDOS GPU Cloud Access & Paloma Automation was held, where paloma_chain delved deeper into Blockchain & AI with CudoPete, discussing CUDOS cloud infrastructure and AI use cases.

Wrapping Up May

The month concluded with a spotlight on Matt Hawkins, the visionary CEO of CUDOS. From the '90s internet boom to revolutionizing #cloudcomputing, Matt's journey emphasizes innovation and sustainability.

Check out Matt's story here

May has been an incredible month for CUDOS, filled with strategic partnerships, insightful discussions, and continuous innovations. Stay tuned as CUDOS continues to push boundaries and drive the future of decentralized cloud computing. share your thoughts, join the discussions, and stay tuned for future updates. CUDOS is just getting started!